Kobe International Exhibition Hall

6-11-1 Minatojimanakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi

International Flight(Arriving Kansai Int’l Airport)

Kansai International Airport (KIX) is the closest international gateway for Kobe and located around the Osaka Bay along a fast coastal highway. To transfer from KIX to Kobe:
-Transfer by Taxi:About 70 minutes and approx. 23,000 Yen (KIX to downtown Kobe, Sannomiya).
-Transfer by Limousine Bus:65 minutes and 1,950 Yen
(KIX to downtown Kobe, Sannomiya) (Operations every 10~20 minutes between 06:20 ~ 23:00).
-Transfer by Bay Shuttle Ferry:30 minutes and 1,850 Yen (KIX to Kobe Marine Air) (Operations every 45~60 minutes between 07:05 ~ 21:50). The KIX ferry dock is a 6-7 minutes free bus transfer from the airport terminal.

International Flight(Arriving Tokyo Narita)

-Transfer by Domestic Air (Narita to Osaka Itami Airport):Narita is an international airport with some domestic flights to Osaka Itami Airport. Flight time between Narita and Osaka Itami is about 60 minutes.
-Transfer by Domestic Air (Haneda to Kobe Airport):Narita arrivals should first transfer to Tokyo’s domestic airport Haneda for flights to Kobe. Bus transfers between Narita and Haneda take 75 minutes and cost 3,100 Yen. Flight time between Haneda and Kobe is about 60 minutes. (There are also flights to Osaka Itami if Kobe flights are full).
-Domestic Rail Transfer:See below for Shinkansen transfers from Tokyo to Kobe. Trains from Narita to Tokyo (Shinkansen) Station take about 60 minutes and cost approx. 3,200 Yen (by the Narita Express train). Buses from Narita to Tokyo take 80~110 minutes (depending on traffic conditions) and cost 3,100 Yen.

International Flight(Arriving Nagoya Centrair)

agoya’s international airport (Central Japan) is called “Centrair”.
-Transfer by train:For Kobe, first take a train (Meitetsu Tokoname Line) to Meitetsu Nagoya Station which takes about 30 minutes and costs 870 Yen. Then cross over to JR Nagoya Station (about 5 min. walk). Shinkansen trains to Shin-Kobe take about 70 minutes and cost approx. 8,300 Yen.

International Flight(Arriving Kobe Airport)

Location of Kobe Airport / Marine Air Island:Kobe Airport connects by road or rail to downtown Kobe (Sannomiya) through adjacent Port Island and its Convention Center.
-Transfer by Port Liner (Automated Guideway Transit):18 minutes and 330 Yen to downtown Kobe ‘Sannomiya’ or 8 minutes and 250 Yen to Port Island convention hotels.
-Transfer by Taxi:Approx. 20 minutes and approx. 2,700 Yen to downtown or 10 minutes and approx. 1,700 Yen to hotels on Port Island.

International Flight(Arriving Osaka Itami)

-Transfer by Taxi:Approx. 30 minutes and approx. 12,000 Yen (to downtown Kobe, Sannomiya) or 50 minutes and approx. 15,000 Yen directly to hotels on Port Island.
-Transfer by Limousine Bus:Bound for Sannomiya Station this bus takes 40 minutes and costs 1,050 Yen with operations every 15~30 minutes.

JR Shinkansen(Bullet)Train(Arriving at Shin-Kobe Station)

Bullet Trains to Shin-Kobe from Tokyo take about 2 hrs 50 minutes and cost approx. 16,000 Yen. Trains run about every 20 minutes. The last train bound for Kobe is at 20:50 (arriving 23:38) the first at 06:00 am. From Nagoya trains take 70 minutes and cost about 8,300 Yen. From Kyoto, about 30 minutes, costing about 3,700 Yen.
-Transfer by Taxi:5 minutes and 700 Yen (to downtown Kobe, Sannomiya).
-Transfer by City Subway:2 minutes and 210 Yen (to downtown Kobe, Sannomiya).

Local or Express Rail(Arriving at downtown Kobe, Sannomiya Station)

From Osaka trains take about 20 minutes and cost about 410 Yen by JR lines.
From Kyoto trains take about 50 minutes and cost about 1,100 Yen.

About Sannomiya & Getting to Port Island

Downtown Hotels:The main hotels for tourists are around the downtown area which is known as Sannomiya. Major rail lines and roads from other cities (and airports) converge on Sannomiya.
Convention Hotels:Other key hotels, especially for convention delegates, are in the center of nearby Port Island. These hotels are immediately next door to Kobe’s conference, exhibition and event venues. Also connected to Port Island is the newly opened Kobe Airport Island called “Marine Air”
Road & Rail Access to Port Island:Sannomiya connects to Kobe Airport through Port Island. The middle of Port Island is home to the Kobe Convention Center. Access is easy by either taxi or ‘Port Liner’ overhead train.
Port Liner Trains:The Port Liner trains run approx. every 5 minutes between Kobe Airport and Sannomiya. All trains stop at the station next to the Convention Center, called “Shimin-Hiroba”. From Sannomiya to Shimin-Hiroba costs 250 Yen and takes about 10 minutes either way. Coming from Kobe Airport, the cost is 250 Yen and takes 8 minutes.